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Learn all about luxury vinyl tiles

Learn all about luxury vinyl tiles

About luxury vinyl tile

Flooring in a home is a highly important part of your home’s aesthetic. However, tiles don’t just serve an aesthetic purpose – the quality matters, as does its durability. There are various kinds of floorings available in the market today, including ceramic tiles, laminate flooring, hardwood flooring. Laminate floors, though affordable, aren’t as durable as hardwood floors which fall on the pricier side of the spectrum. Luxury vinyl tile flooring is something which gives you the best of both worlds – and is super affordable to boot! 

luxury vinyl tile

Sample of slate flooring for luxury vinyl tiles

Luxury Vinyl Tiles v/s Laminate Tiles

The first difference that people will notice between laminate flooring and luxury vinyl flooring is the pricing. Sure, depending on what quality you select, laminate flooring can be super affordable. Luxury vinyl flooring too can be found in most price ranges, ranging from .99c a square foot to $5 a square foot. So, in reality, there is something for everyone here. 

It is common knowledge that thicker tiles are a lot more durable than their thinner counterparts. Well, laminate tiling can surely be durable depending on its price range; luxury vinyl is far thicker – almost 2mm thicker than the average laminate flooring, inherently becoming more durable! Luxury vinyl tile is a superior quality tiling solution especially if you live in an area which has an extreme climate. 

luxury vinyl flooring

Here are more samples of luxury vinyl tiles

A lot of luxury vinyl tile brands come with treatments which make them resistant to scratches, water and also make them more tolerant to mold and mildew; some of them are even hypoallergenic. All of this definitely gives luxury vinyl tiles an edge over the regular laminate tiles. 


Maintaining luxury vinyl tiles is also easier than regular laminate floors, as it resists scratches and marks. These floors are especially useful if you have kids or pets as these floors also resist scuff marks and are moisture resistant. These are easy to clean and preserve as spills won’t be an issue for you anymore, with the floor not retaining or absorbing even a minuscule amount of moisture. These floors are also highly chip resistant, so run along! 

All you need to do to maintain luxury vinyl tiles to preserve shine is to sweep it and wet mop it regularly in order to keep it clean. Unlike other floorings like hardwood or laminates, you do not need to buff wax or clean with chemicals which may turn out to be an added cost. Truly, these floorings are low maintenance as well as easy on the pocket. 


Alongside its feature rich qualities, you also get a lot of variety of styles and looks to choose from so that you do not compromise on your aesthetics. You can buy luxury vinyl flooring which simulate the looks of other material floors like hardwood, or stone or even carpet

These tiles aren’t one size fit all, and you may need to look around for a while until you find the one you are looking for, but once you do, say hello to a low maintenance but beautiful flooring!  Come into Bestflooring.com and we can help you get started on  your luxury vinyl tile renovation.



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  • Caden Mark
    November 1, 2017, 12:43 pm REPLY

    Nowadays luxury vinyl tile flooring is the latest trend. This type of flooring is long-lasting, durable, and also doesn’t scratch easily. You can implement this type of flooring for your every room but basically this type of flooring is preferably good for the high moisture area. Than the other flooring material, the installation process of this type of flooring is easy. It also require less maintenance. This type of flooring material can also be available in variety of style. And the way you mentioned about the luxury vinyl tiles are really impressive. You can refer this: http://www.hardwooderia.com/tile-flooring/

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