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Nine of the Best Window Treatment Ideas For Your Bedroom

Nine of the Best Window Treatment Ideas For Your Bedroom

One of the areas in our homes that require windows treatments is the bedroom. Window treatments in the bedroom are crucial as they help to add privacy, assist in maintaining a steady temperature, and allow you to adjust the lighting. Since there are various window treatment types, it is easy to get confused on the best model to select. To assist you in choosing the most appropriate option, we are going to list some of the basic windows treatments available. Here are some of the window treatment ideas to help you get started. 
1. Curtains 
This is the commonly used window treatment type in homes. Curtains they are commonly used in the living room and kitchens, you can also use them in bedrooms. Luckily, curtains come in various styles, patterns, and colors. This makes it easier for you to pick the model that suits your home décor. Generally, curtains are constructed using lighter materials that drape and are hang using a curtain rod or installed curtain rings. Since curtains are available in different length and width, there are several ways that you can hang them to fit the size and design of your window.  
2. Drapes window treatment ideas

Drapes resemble curtains and are sold as fabric panels with various colors, patterns, and length. However, unlike the curtains, the drapes are constructed using heavier fabric and pleated. They hang on a rod or a transverse rod that makes them easy to pull so that you can easily open and close them. The drapes are more official when compared to curtains and can be used in any room in your home including dining room, living room, as well as master bedroom. 
3. Sheers 
The next window treatment ideas are sheers. These lightweight curtains are constructed using sheer (see-through) fabric. These curtains will help you to add an elegant charm to your room. However, these curtains do not offer you with complete privacy, nor do they keep the light out. These are a great addition for small bedrooms for those who do not want to leave their windows completely uncovered, but still let a lot of light in. Sheers give a room an airy and open feel.  
4. Shades 
Shades are other popular window treatment in homes. Shades are horizontal slats that let various amounts of light in, depending on how open they are. Shades come in different colors, styles, and patterns making it easy to select a model that suit your needs. Another advantage of using shades is that they fit any decorating style. 

Light peeking through window blinds.

Light peeking through window blinds.

5. Blinds 

One of the other best window treatment ideas is to make use of is blinds. These are some of the latest window treatments make an excellent addition to any bedroom. Blinds are great as they enhance a room privacy and are perfect when it comes to blocking out the light. They usually have louvers or slates that are tiled open or close by cords that run through the length of the blind. Generally, the blinds are constructed using hard materials like vinyl, metal or wood.


6. Shutters 

Brightly colored, open shutters.

Brightly colored, open shutters.

If you would want to have a classic style in your bedroom, you can make use of this window treatment. The shutters are a traditional window that will give your bedroom a great look. They will work perfectly especially in a coast in coastal areas, rustic room, or country room. They are made using natural or painted wood. The shutters are usually fitted on the frame of the window where others feature hinges that allows you to swing them closed or open.  
7. Valances 
Valances are used together with drapes, shades, blinds, or shades to cover up the hardware used for mounting. They will add any room a touch of style and color. The valances are usually swatches of fabric that are draped in the region of the that surrounds the window frame top. These window treatments add a dramatic effect to any room making them a great choice for individuals in official rooms including parlors, master bedrooms as dining rooms.  
8. Swags and cascades 
These are other incredible window treatments that add spectacular elegance to windows in your home. They are available in various types and do a great job when it comes to blocking the light and offering privacy. Swags are usually draped over the straight rod in folds and match the window treatment underlying. Cascades are the length of cloth that drapes down on the side. They are usually used underneath curtains, swags, or shades.  
9. Cornices 
Lastly, we have the cornices. These window treatments are more formal and are constructed using wood or similar materials. Cornices resemble a small box that is fitted on the window frame. This box helps to conceal the hardware used to mount the underlying window treatment.  
Hopefully these window treatment ideas will help you to steer you in the right direction when it comes to picking the best window treatment for your bedroom as well as other rooms in your home. 


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