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Use Carpets to Provide The Necessary Warmth During The Cold Season

Use Carpets to Provide The Necessary Warmth During The Cold Season

It usually feels uncomfortable when you land your feet on a pretty cold floor especially during the cold season. This is why you need notable mechanisms that you can implement to make your floor retain warmth. This depends on the materials used to make your floors as some are good insulators which can absorb and retain warmth for a long time while other materials just lose heat fast and get cold fast depending on the environment. Therefore, it is necessary that you get some knowledge which can help you make your floors warm and cozy at any given time. One of the best ways to retain warmth in the room is laying out a carpet on your floor but before discussing entire carpeting methods, let’s glance at some of the most popular tricks that you can try.


One of the popular options you have is observing the type of underlayment that you are going to install. Some materials such as linoleum and vinyl take up the temperature of the underlying floor even with plywood, there can still be a chilly cold during winter. This can be solved by installing the underlayment layer above the subfloor, this may include materials such as rubber, foam, cork or any other insulating material available. This helps in retaining warmth around the house and also helps you reduce energy bills.

Use Radiant Below the Surface

This is an advanced technology which includes the installation of a radiant heating system beneath the surface covering and the sub-floor. The system produces warmth which is absorbed by the floor cover thus warming the entire room. The warmth spreads to the entire room thus creating a warm environment, but the efficiency depends on the material used to make the floor and works best with highly conductive materials such as tiles. 


Two types of heating systems exist where one is made of coils that can be heated electronically thus heating the entire floor while the other consists of thin tubes filled with water and can be heated up to bring the heat needed or cooled to cool down the room temperature.

Use Rugs

This is a simple method where you can lay out rugs made of insulating materials such as cotton and blankets in areas where you place your feet when reading, near the bed, corners, door entries and even in the bathroom where people occasionally step on bare feet.

The best warming methods

This is the most reliable and affordable method used by many people. Carpet can insulate the entire room against heat loss. Thick carpets with thick threads are more effective in maintaining heat during winter than a thin a thick carpet. A carpet can be placed in living room, bedrooms and any other room where warmth needs to be maintained. But there is a catch with carpets as they require proper maintenance and regular cleaning while they cannot be placed in damp places for long.


This is another brilliant choice that is made of many tiny air pockets that make up the entire insulator. These pockets of air act like insulation cushions which prevent cold air from getting in and warm air from getting lost. This insulates the entire room where the insulator is laid out. It is easy to install over any subfloor and any flat surface that make the floors of the room. Just like any other floor, this insulator works well in thicker products like the tiles which can be able to maintain warmth for long.


Vinyl is a resilient type of tile that does not get stained easily, water resistant and does not discolor easily. It does not possess any warmth or cold features as it is very thin. It is a durable material and it’s insulation features can be improved when combined with padded underlayment that has better insulation features such as cork or foam.

Using natural stone

Natural stones can make very cold floors, but it is important to note they are good transmitters of heat and don’t lose the heating effect easily. The stones can be combined with radiant below surface heating systems to warm up the floor during winter. Once the stones get warm, the entire room becomes warm, and it will take a long time before the heat gets lost as natural stones are good insulators.  


You have observed that many options to warm up the floor are available while at the same time, some are expensive and could increase energy consumption. Therefore, the most efficient and economical way is to use carpets on your floors, and it will provide the warmth you need. Use thicker carpets during winter and your home will be warm and provide a comfortable environment to the members of your family. 


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