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Window treatments are coverings that are used over or inside windows and add an aesthetic appeal. Generally, they are used such as to control the natural light coming into the rooms and also to give you privacy. Furthermore, these coverings serve as insulators and help keep warm air trapped in the rooms during winter and cool air during summers, thus helping reduce the energy costs to a certain extent. Speaking of seasons, we just added a new window treatment blog inspired by Springtime! It will give you some great ideas to spruce up your windows for Spring.

There are different types of window treatment available, simple to luxurious ones, varying in costs, and are usually chosen while keeping in mind the interiors of a room.

Our staff put together an amazing window treatments guide to get you familiar with the different types of treatments.

Meanwhile, let us now get to learn about some popular types of treatment that you too can consider for your windows.

Wooden blind window treatments
Wood blinds are made using the best hardwoods and together with looking splendid they are also highly functional and will last you for a very long time. You can get such blinds in varying colors, styles, and stains, and thus you can opt for the one that attracts your attention most or the one that matches your interiors best. You also have various slat sizes to choose from and thus you can get one for your small windows and also for your French doors.

Faux wood blind window treatments
Faux wood blinds are immensely popular. You can get this type of window treatment in different wood tones, and in many stains, that will only make your room look all the more beautiful. Faux wood blinds are easy to clean, can be washed, are also flame resistant and does not fade fast. If you are looking for blinds for an area with too much moisture like your bathrooms and kitchens, then the faux wood ones make a perfect option.

Roman shade window treatments
Roman shades are stylish, attractive, and can easily add beauty to your room, while also serving its purpose fully, thus ensuring privacy and light control. You can have Roman shades custom made to fit your windows perfectly, ensuring there are no light gaps. You have many varieties to choose from including folded or hobbled style and also the flat styles.

Roller shade window treatments
Roller shades are crafted of different fabric and material including solar mesh and you can also get them in a whole lot of colors. Thus you can easily get one that matches the décor of your room perfectly. Together with fulfilling its main purpose, that is offering you light control, privacy, and energy efficiency, these shades also will liven up the area, and make it look stylish. For some extra inspiration, check out these Spring window treatment ideas we put together!


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